• Don’t just take our word for it.

    We handle Payroll, HR, Taxes, and Benefits for tens of thousands of businesses that are just like yours.

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    Don’t just take our word for it.
We handle Payroll, HR, Taxes, and Benefits for tens of thousands of businesses that are just like yours.


    It’s been a lifesaver, having an HR and Payroll Partner like Execupay that’s in the cloud and online that’s accessible not just for us, but also our employees. I’m confident that Execupay will grow with us and continue offering fantastic support as life gets more complex for us.


    Anthony Gastopolis, CEO
    4 Employees


    Execupay gas been a game changer for me. Not having to stop everything twice per month to run payroll has left me free to focus on running the company, I should have been doing this from day one!


    Kyle Mason, CEO
    7 Employees

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    Seventh Heaven

    Seventh Heaven

    “My lack of a handle on my own payroll really prevented me from confidently even wanting to talk about outsourcing it. Execupay has helped us to just have a better handle on everything – now we can pay our employees and grow our business”
    Tina Estrada, Co-Owner
    10 employees


    “Execupay has been with us from the start of our growth, from 2 employees to 27. It kept up with policy changes, adding ACA Monitoring, dealing with our payroll questions. It’s scaled with us, quietly in the shadows, and it produced value without us having to change something.”
    Jorge McIntosh, CEO
    27 employees
    Wedding Delights

    Wedding Delights

    “The really awesome thing about using Execupay’s Payroll is at the end of the day, I can immediately run payroll, in just a click. And in order become better, and move forward, and create profits you have to be efficient. The mobility of Execupay keeps you right on track.”
    Kathy Lang, General Manager
    8 Employees
    Don't Be Latte Coffee

    Don't Be Latte Coffee

    “When I need the information, I know I have access to it with my Payroll Specialist or online. As far as looking at spreadsheets and pages and pages of numbers, I find that like chewing dry flannel. Execupay makes Payroll easy at a glance, and even easier to run.”
    Tom Dadee, Owner
    13 employees


    “We take design and user-experience very seriously. We immediately saw that quality in Execupay as well. It’s very modern, it’s intuitive, it’s sleek, it’s updated frequently and well… it’s simple.”
    Markus Giddeon, CIO
    7 employees
    AKV Construction

    AKV Construction

    “Running Payroll on my cell has been great for me. It’s so quick and easy. Finding it was, for the company, I’d say, like a “Eureka!” moment after years of just dealing with a different system that felt so archaic, like of another time and place. Thanks Execupay.”
    Bethany Guerra, GM
    42 employees


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      “Execupay’s full-service, direct-style online product combines cutting-edge technology with all the benefits of a full-service payroll company. The time our members will save using Sam’s Club Payroll is as valuable to small business owners as the savings we provide.”

      – Seong Ohm
      Senior Vice President of Membership Services

      An integrated payroll service allows our customers to easily manage the process and quickly return their focus to growing their companies. With PlatinumPay Xpress integrated into our website, our customers are able to streamline their online banking and payroll activities into a single touch point.“

      – Lonnie Hayes
      Executive Director of Small Business

      Execupay makes running payroll so smooth and easy. They make the communication to run payroll so easy and flexible. Execupay offers so many products to make payroll so easy for the employees.

      – Kelly Cope

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