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What’s In It For Me as the Payroll Manager?

After replacing the in-house payroll system that was in place long before my arrival, I found many advantages immediately – none more important than the tremendous customer service relationship I’ve developed with my Execupay Payroll Specialist. Some of the other benefits I have experienced since the conversion are:

  • Improved Accuracy: All the other vendors I interviewed could not let me see true totals before I submitted my payroll. Execupay allows me to not only see actual gross to net totals, but I can view any payroll report I need (like my GL or labor distribution) prior to submitting my payroll. That has enabled me to eliminate payroll errors completely.
  • Electronic Report Distribution: I used to have to make multiple copies of several payroll reports and hand deliver them to partners throughout my firm. Execupay’s system now allows me to electronically distribute any report to anyone automatically and securely.
  • Flexible Input Methods: Execupay’s system allows me to input data in simple grids or comprehensive detail screens, as well as import files from Excel and my existing time & attendance system.
  • Employee Self-Service (ESS): Previously, I was archaically hand-stuffing checks into envelopes. With Execupay, the paystubs are electronically delivered to employees via their Employee Self-Service secure online portal. ESS also enables our employees to answer many of their own payroll and HR questions, which has greatly reduced the number of calls I receive.
  • Easy to Use and Easy to Learn: Because the system is so easy, I learned it in just a matter of hours. And the trainers were so patient and knowledgeable; it actually made learning their software fun. That sure beat trying to navigate the user manual of my old system.

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What’s In It For Me as the HR Director?

We started with Execupay 23 years ago and I have enjoyed watching them grow as we have grown. As our HR demands have increased with our size, Execupay’s products and services have exceeded our needs every time. We’ve been able to take our organization to the next level because of the strategic HR objectives PlatinumHR has facilitated. A few of the powerful features that have made them achievable are:

  • Employee Relationship Manager (ERM): Bringing a CRM-style approach to managing employee relations; Execupay’s Employee Relationship Manager is truly revolutionary. The template driven approach to process management has enabled us to standardize procedures throughout the organization.
  • Document Management: The fully integrated document management system has allowed my staff to exceed our steep board-driven compliance requirements. In addition, the online distribution improves document delivery and has even aided us in wining critical grants.
  • Manager Self-Service: Execupay’s Manager Self-Service has empowered our managers to perform many of their own HR administrative duties. By distributing data to those that need it, my team can now focus on more strategic HR goals.
  • Applicant Management: During frequent project build ups, the applicant tracker standardized recruitment while improving our new hire success ratio. Providing us with an integrated solution that removes emotions from the hiring process, while enabling us to pin point skill sets required for open positions.
  • Date Driven Events: Powerful date driven events for crucial employee changes give PlatinumHR robust “set it and forget” capabilities. In addition, since no data is ever purged, it provides a limitless picture of an employee’s growth cycle.
  • Performance Management: By linking pay to performance, we have consistently out-performed many competing organizations contributing to our incredible growth of grant awards. The performance management system has allowed us to ensure that individual employee goals are in line with the overall mission of our organization.

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What’s In It For Me as the Controller?

In my role, stability and reliability are top priority. I had previously always used one of the large public payroll companies because I thought there was no other choice. I have found with Execupay that is certainly not the case, their reliability matched with unprecedented feature sets and flexibility has greatly exceeded our return on investment. Among many of the contributing factors to this exceptional ROI, here are just a few:

  • Comprehensive GL: They were able to accurately configure my complex GL, providing us the exact data we require to manage our business. With the seamless integration to our accounting system, my team is able to deliver precise reports and analysis faster than previously possible.
  • Report Writer: Our business intelligence has never been better thanks to Execupay’s easy to use report writer and their extensive report library, which allows us to deliver on-demand custom reports faster than ever. Since it is based on industry-standard Crystal Reports, the experience my team already has makes custom report creation that much quicker.
  • Labor Cost Management: I am able to delivery store managers’ individual labor analysis reporting to ensure that they hit our labor cost targets. Execupay also helped us implement an extensive job costing infrastructure to keep tight controls on our exploding catering division.
  • Complete Audit Trail: I know my team checks the audit trail more than I do, however when a red flag occurs it is nice to know I can have a complete audit trail of every key stroke in our system. Occasionally I have custom reports created from the audit log for certain changes I want to monitor.

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What’s In It For Me as the Network Administrator?

I was so glad to finally dump that PC-based software the previous payroll company offered, it didn’t matter how much they tried to improve it…it still had that old DOS foundation. Not to mention the disruptive, almost overnight, update process caused by the disconnected HR product. Execupay’s cutting edge, single online application completely eliminated the issues we used to experience from working with out-dated technology…it has been a great 3 years and here are a few reasons why:

  • Single Source Database (SSDB): Execupay’s single application approach of software delivery completely eliminated the need for interfacing or integrating between separate payroll and HR databases with their Single Source Database.
  • Easy Deployment: Because it is a thin-client online application, deploying to new users takes zero effort, even for my Mac and Linux users. This makes one less application for me to have to manage.
  • Data Management: Maintaining the data at Execupay’s secure hosting facilities eliminates the need for me to worry about protecting it from other users or maintaining backups. My team and I can safely rely on the complete disaster recovery plan they provide us.
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): Because of their Software-as-a-Service approach, there are never licenses, updates or hardware to purchase.
  • Asset Management: PlatinumHR’s Asset Management functionality helps me keep track of all the laptops, cell phones, software licenses and other technical assets I am responsible for.

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What’s In It For Me as an CEO?

As with many times before in my career, I was brought on board with the directive to turn this organization around. Successful, creative companies recognize they are only as good as their people, which is why my first objective was to move us from reactionary HR administrative procedures to a strategic human-capital-centric focus. As a long time champion of Execupay, I knew immediately that their solutions were just what we needed to rejuvenate and refocus this company’s most valuable asset, its human capital. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • International Employees: Our International expansion was seamless thanks to the single integrated solution provided by Execupay’s International business unit which handled all of our ex-patriot and foreign payroll needs.
  • Strategic HR Empowerment: Their powerful online human capital management suite helped us revolutionize our HR strategies moreover, providing us with a competitive edge in our market space. It continues to be the cornerstone of our HR initiative, enabling us to reach the record setting growth levels we are currently enjoying.
  • Process  Management: Our process management has been greatly improved through the standardization and automation that Execupay’s system provides. This has enabled us to become more efficient with HR administration, allowing us to focus on our mission critical HR strategies.
  • Employee Relationship Management (ERM): Perhaps the greatest deliverable from Execupay is their revolutionary ERM which takes the same approach to managing our employee relationships that our CRM does with managing our customer relationships. This has been a major contributor to our vastly improved employee satisfaction and moral.

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