Talent Acquisition

Leverage Social Media to Find Job Applicants

Every month there are 1.71 billion active users on Facebook, 450 million users on LinkedIn and 313 million users on Twitter. What does this mean for your business? Active job seekers, who have posted their career experience and other relevant … Read More

Motivating Millennial Employees

Millennials are currently the largest segment of workers in the United States, and in five years, are projected to make up nearly half of the working population. As the newest population in the workforce, this generation has a different perspective … Read More

8 Shocking Facts About Hiring & Employment Screening

From fake diplomas to discrimination lawsuits, there are many pitfalls employers should be aware of and vigilant about when hiring. Check out the list of these surprising facts below: 40% of resumes contain material lies or omissions about past jobs, … Read More

We Are Hiring!

If you’re seeking an upbeat, fast-paced work environment that recognizes commitment and effort but also knows how to have fun, look no further! Execupay is a great place to start a career, and we are always looking to add one … Read More

The New Hire Paperwork Checklist

The hiring process can be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially for small businesses. Even so, the hiring and onboarding process is important to ensure smooth transitions for your new employee and for your company. Do you know what paperwork you should … Read More

Hiring for Your Company Culture

When looking through job applications, it’s hard to get a sense of who people are. Finding a qualified employee is important, but finding an employee who will mesh with your mission and your other employees is more important. Resumes will tell … Read More

How to Invest in Your Seasonal Employees

The holidays are quickly approaching and, for many, business is ramping up. Small businesses especially might look into hiring seasonal employees to even out the workforce for that holiday push. Here are five ways to ease the stress of getting … Read More

The Anatomy of a Job Post

Creating an effective job posting will not only garner more worthy candidates, but will develop a great first impression of your company. Clearly communicating expectations of a job will also filter-out unqualified applicants and, in turn, speed up the hiring … Read More