Stay in Compliance with Remote Employees

Most federal labor laws have a posting requirement, meaning employees need to be made aware that these laws exist. Generally, this is accomplished by displaying a poster somewhere in the workplace such as a break room, restroom or other communal area.

With today’s changing workforce, more employees are choosing to work remotely, creating new challenges for federal labor law compliance.

But how do you meet the compliance standards when your employees work remotely?

  • If the remote employee is in the office on a regular basis, quarterly for instance, and they attended orientation at the office, then you should have to take no further action.
  • You may also post the notices on a company intranet, or some other file sharing location that all employees can access. If you don’t have a system like that in place, then you will need to send the information directly via fax, email or mail.
  • In addition, when any changes or updates are made to workplace labor law posters you must notify remote employees. This can be done by email, posting the changes to a company intranet, by fax or mailing them.

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