Sparking Innovation and Collaboration Between Employees

How can your company embrace technology and new communication trends to benefit the organization as a whole? Try incorporating the following programs and initiatives to help spark creativity and innovation with your employees.

Empower Employees with Social Media

Extend your company’s social media reach by training employees to be your online brand advocates. When doing this, HR should look at updating social media policies to set clear guidelines and personal brand expectations around content posted to social media while representing the organization.

Make Smart Use of Technology

Consider having an internal social media platform where employees can communicate with one another and with you. This space can be used for conducting business, sharing ideas and even socializing. Encourage employees to take the lead in using this technology to build community in the office.

Incorporate Mentorship and Professional Development Programs

Create a collaborative environment with mentorship by pairing senior-level employees with new hires and younger employees to help with learning curves. For veteran employees, have professional development readily available for those seeking additional learning opportunities.


Implementing these programs can lead to more streamlined work, collaboration and innovation, giving your company a competitive edge. Overall, a company that can evolve by embracing new ideas and work styles will see positive results and a happier team. Read more about the benefits of tapping into the strengths of your younger employees.