Seven Tips to Make Your Holiday Donation Drive a Success

ex_posts_2016_december_v1_2Are you planning a holiday donation drive? A well-run donation drive makes for a great way for businesses to help people in the community and gain a reputation for community service. Find out how to make yours a success with these seven easy tips:

1. Find out what items are needed most. Call your local donation centers to see what they need, and which items they already have in surplus. You’ll be able to make a larger impact benefiting your community this way.

2. Keep your employees in mind and consider the costs of items needed. Collecting more expensive items can make employees who make less money or have less ability to give feel excluded.

3. Establish your logistics ahead of time. Where will the collection bins be placed? They’ll need to be visible, easily accessible, clearly marked and preferably in a high traffic area. Once you have the items, how are you going to transport them? Some collection centers may be able to pick up items, while others may need you to deliver them.

4. Make sure you promote the donation drive. Provide enough notice through your standard communication channels, a week is good, but a few weeks might be better. After you’ve started let your donation bins do your promotional work for you. They should be clearly marked and visible.

If the deadline is approaching and participation is low, a company-wide reminder email or announcement may be in order. Procrastination is common, and if employees aren’t warned that they’re almost out of time, they may miss their window of opportunity.

5. Don’t single out employees based on their level of participation. Not every employee will choose to participate. That’s okay.

6. Use this is a chance to build camaraderie among your employees. Create a collective goal for everyone, give them plenty of encouragement along the way and afterwards let them know how well they did. Create competitions among teams or departments to build a shared sense of accomplishment.

7. Don’t forget to say thank you! Thank everyone who donated or otherwise participated in the drive. People like to be recognized for what they’ve done, even if recognition wasn’t why they participated. Afterwards be sure to share any feedback you receive from the donation center or others in the community.