4 HR Considerations for Planning the Holiday Party


It’s that time of year to make plans for the office holiday party. You might already have the venue and costs locked in, but have you considered conduct guidelines for employees? For many, this is a great way to celebrate employees and the company’s successes. However, the presence of alcohol in a casual setting can be a stressful time for HR and management.

We have all heard the stories of a company holiday party gone awry. When alcohol and a carefree atmosphere are introduced, it’s easy for employees to relax and let loose. However, without policies or guidelines in place, the holiday party hangover can hurt everyone in the long run.

It’s important to be proactive when planning company events to prevent from having a pile of holiday-related issues to deal with in the new year. Consider these items when planning your next company event.

Enforce the Employee Handbook
If your company has specific conduct rules regarding interpersonal relationships or alcohol at events, make sure management and employees are aware these rules apply at the holiday party.

Set a Limit on the Open Bar
Everyone loves when the boss picks up the tab, but an all-night open bar can be expensive for the company and pose a safety issue if someone has too much to drink. Create a win-win situation by limiting the open bar to the first round of drinks or a set time limit. This will help keep employees from over-indulging and the boss’ wallet happy.

Promote Alternative Transportation
Play it safe, even one drink can be a risk when driving. Look into a private taxi service or work with a ride-share program to give employees a discount.

Lead by Example
Verify the policies with your executive and management teams. Let them know how important it is for them to be an example to the rest of the company by following the rules.

Create a sense of organization and professionalism while celebrating another year of successes and accomplishments. Applying these tips to your party planning will keep employees safe and company values intact.