10 Ways to Motivate Your Small Business’ Employees

How do you go about motivating employees?

Successfully motivating your employees will help you achieve success within your business. Ultimately, you want to create an environment that allows your employees to meet or exceed expectations, whether this means fostering culture, individuality, or being flexible with schedules and working locations. While employees are clearly motivated by tangible rewards such as salary and promotion, there are more intangible factors such as mentoring, personal and professional growth and the ability to work on independent projects.

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Motivational Drivers

We are all individuals with different needs and aspirations, so what motivates one employee may not motivate another. Creating a work environment which includes a range of motivators can result in improved performance as well as increased retention and enthusiasm for your company.

The following is a brief summary of different motivators:

  • Opportunities for promotion
  • Giving employees the freedom to work independently
  • Challenging and satisfying projects
  • Personal and professional growth – training and professional development
  • Status/power which can be represented in a job title
  • Responsibility and trust by allowing employees to work without unnecessary supervision
  • Promoting the building of relationships with colleagues and customers
  • Recognition of employees’ performance and contribution
  • Financial rewards and incentives
  • Flexible work arrangements that allow employees to accommodate personal needs

At the end of the day, as long as you have the systems in place to build, pay, manage, and retain your employees, and a flexible company culture willing to try new things and see what works for you, you should be in a great spot to keep qualified people who love what they do every day.

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